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Customized Product

By various choices of wavelengths of the light, moderating chicken’s stress and further improving the growing efficiency.

LED BULBS (Monochrome choice)

  • Red│Main wavelength:620~630 nm   

     Function : Stimulates the hypothalamus, which makes hormones      for reproduction.

  • Amber│Main wavelength:585~595 nm 

    Function : Prevent insects close from the chicken farm.

  • Blue│Main wavelength:450~460 nm

      Function :Stimulates the production of estrogen in  plasma         which generates proteins to make the muscle cells bigger.

  • Green│Main wavelength:520~530 nm 

      Function : Stimulates and increase of the muscle cells           and strengthening of skeleton..

Product model number LL20-color
Power Consumption (W) 3.5W
Input Voltage (V) AC100V/AC230V
Color Temperature (K) (CCT) N/A
Light Output (Lm) N/A
Color Random Index (Ra) N/A
Water and dust proof (IP) IP69K
Weight (g) 69g

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